Your English task this week will be about telling the story of VE Day, you are allowed to choose how YOU would like to present this piece of work!  For example you could:


  • Write a short news report in the style of today or 75 years ago
  • Make a short video that tells the story of VE Day, either in the style of 75 years ago or how you would tell it today
  • Design a newspaper front page or article
  • Write or perform a poem, song, drawing or other work of art
  • Share the story of someone in your family or area who was involved in the War
  • Write or perform a short play about VE Day and what it would have been like 75 years ago


To enable you to do this piece of work, you will need to watch the following links in the VE Day section, which can be found on the main class pages section - the link is a Union Jack Flag!


If you want to enter the competition you will need to submit the piece of work by Wednesday (see the link below for entry details) - if not send to us on Thursday.