Final Week: 13.07.20

Good morning Year 6 and welcome to what is now officially your last week of term! If you are completing school work this week, Mrs Terry and Miss Gregory want to send you a HUGE congratulations for keeping yourself focused and motivated until the end! We are sure it must not be easy, following our farewells last week, and it just goes to show how many positive traits you have, which will shine through in September. 


In terms of the learning for this week, we have decided to make it about consolidation,reflection and a summary.  The work set, should be completed throughout the week and if you finish the tasks and still desire to do more, then we would like to direct you to the afternoon/additional activities that we set throughout school closure, as there are lots of fantastic work there for you to complete! Ensure you have a good look around on all of the subject pages, as you may come across something you did not complete at the time or that you would like to do again but with a different approach or focus. There is also all the wonderful learning that has been set on BBC Bitesize, which compliments what we have been doing in and out of class. 


We wish you all the very best Year 6. You have been wonderful and we miss you dearly. 


Good luck! 


Miss Terry and Miss Gregory