Welcome to M5

M5 Class Pledge

We will always be kind and use our mind

We will think before we speak so everyone will have a good week

We will be mindful of others like they are our brothers

We will be inclusive of everyone here throughout the entire year

We will cheer for others like we are their mothers

Our minds will always grow with all the things we know

Lots of knowledge we will seek each and every week

We will be respectful for everything alive from the tallest tree so the smallest beehive

We love a good challenge because we can manage

Our minds will keep growing if we keep going

We will look after the environment like it’s our home, the M5 zone!

We will work as a team so we can all be seen

If we work more we will be better than before

Everybody is included, nobody is excluded

When someone falls over do not smirk, just raise them up like a firework

When you go down, we will pick you up without a frown

Our learning is a tool so our minds will always be full

Because youre our friend we are always happy to lend

We will use a blue pen and our stories wont end!

We will be nice through the year and give everyone a cheer

Especially Miss Dear, who will be teaching us through the year!