Hello year 6 and welcome to the summer term maths tasks!

 We have decided to revisit some of the first learning that you completed at the beginning of Year 6, which was based around numbers and place value. The tasks that you will be looking at this week, involve understanding numbers up to ten million and how these numbers can be manipulated.


  • For those of you that wish to revisit your knowledge of place value, look at the fluency consolidating tasks first, then you can move straight on the reasoning tasks.
  • Those of you who feel more confident, then feel free to start with the reasoning tasks.
  • If you complete these tasks, and are craving more, then why don’t you create your own place value problems? You could include missing number problems, worded problems or questions with errors in!


Remember, they are there for guidance and revision of areas of maths that we covered. There is also a PowerPoint slide attached that gives you some guidance on how to complete the tasks.


In addition to the daily tasks, we have added some arithmetic questions for you to have a go at. These questions are designed to help you practise the learning that you did in the previous week; this week therefore, the arithmetic will be based on calculating with fractions.


 If there is anything that you would really like to discuss with us, then just send us an email or tweet and remember that we still look forward to seeing all the amazing learning from home and revision that you are doing.


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Miss Gregory and Mrs Terry