As you can see below, there are 3 sections to this week's maths - the usual arithmetic and daily tasks, and now an additional section, which looks at activities that challenge your thinking a step further. For each section, we have provided different levels of challenge and our advice to you is the same as it would be in the classroom: choose a level you feel comfortable with, then if you find it too easy/challenging, switch to the level above/below. We do not expect you to complete all of the levels for each task (unless you so wish!) and you do not need to complete all 3 sections if it takes too long to do so. Let us know how you get on! 


This week's learning is continuing your place value understanding with rounding numbers. If you remember, we all learnt a song to remember how to round larger numbers: 


Find the place (the digit you are rounding)

Look next door (the digit column to the right) 

Five or more you raise the score (round your digit up, if the adjoining digit column is 5 or more) 

Four or less, you let it rest (keep your digit the same)

Look to the right, put zeros in sight (anything after the digit you have rounded needs to be a zero)


We will, we will, round you! 


Now you have this ear-worm stuck in your heads, have a go at the tasks! Please let us know if there is anything you are struggling to grasp, we will endeavour to talk you through it. 


Miss G and Mrs T