We are heading towards the end of our place value revision this week. Today the tasks are based around negative numbers (numbers less than 0). These numbers are not fractions or decimals (remember that fractions and decimals are bigger than 0), they are below zero! 


 In real life, where do we see negative numbers? Make a list of situations where they are used. Think back to how we calculate using negative numbers. What visual resources, techniques support you when looking at negative numbers? If you are finding the work fairly straightforward, why don't you create your own negative numbers problems? Share your results with us or set your teacher a challenge!


You have been provided with the Classroom Secrets worksheets for fluency, reasoning and problem solving, discussion problems and extension. There are additional challenges in the mastery section. As always, we are not expecting you to answer every level of challenge from every worksheet. The work is there for you to choose a starting point and work that you feel is a good level of challenge for you. It is to revisit and consolidate your learning from earlier in the year. If you reach the mastery section, focus on the reasoning and problem solving questions, unless you feel you need to continue developing your understanding of negative numbers.