We finish place value revision today! How have you got on. We know that this week's maths may not have been as challenging as previous weeks, but we are working hard to ensure that there are different levels of challenge every day and lots of problem solving tasks that you can sink your teeth into. If you did find this week a bit of a challenge - do not worry! We have not looked at place value explicitly since September last year and it is good to revisit these topics as place value underpins everything we do in maths. 


Today is actually journeying back to year 5 learning - Roman Numerals! However, if you review the mastery section, we have included some calculations involving Roman Numerals, and these should get your brains working. There is a poster attached that will give you a quick recap of Roman Numerals!


From tomorrow, we will be moving on to BIDMAS and the four operations. Horrah!!!! 


Miss G and Mrs T