Due to a large number of requests, Mrs Terry and I have decided to introduce the year group to some algebra for the end of this week. We know that some of you may have come across this topic with tutors or through your own desire to improve your maths understanding. If this is the case, then you may find today's activities rather straightforward, however we have to consider that not all children are confident with algebra or indeed know what it is, due to us not yet covering it in school. We have tried to add some additional challenges for those of you that do feel more confident and hope that you enjoy the revision! 

For those of you new to algebra, it is simply about finding patterns within numbers and calculations. At this stage, it will be similar to solving problems/missing number calculations and we are sure that you will be surprised at what you can already do. If you've tackled a missing number calculation then you've tackled the first stage of algebra! 

We suggest you work through the PowerPoints to give you guidance on how to answer the questions and then look at the activities/worksheets and choose a level that you would like to complete. Don't panic if you struggle (or indeed find it too straightforward) - you know the rule - change the level you are working on to give you the challenge you need. Enjoy! 


Mrs Terry and Miss Gregory