School Team

Our Staff Team

Senior Leadership Team  
Federation Headteacher Mrs M. Cooper

Federation Deputy Headteacher

Mr R. Woodhouse

Federation Deputy Headteacher Mrs S. Bleau
Federation Assitant Headteacher Ms Z. McLaren
Inclusion Leader (SENDCO) Mrs J. Munroe
Teaching Team  
Year 3 Teacher Mrs S. Lowden

Year 3 Teacher

Miss M. Mulroy

Year 4 Teacher Miss A. Spencer

Year 4 Teacher

Miss S. Scott

Year 5 Teacher

Miss S. Williams

Year 5 Teacher

Mrs S. Hancox
Mrs A. Adamczewski

Year 6 Teacher

Mrs C. Terry

Year 6 Teacher

Miss R.Gregory

Music Specialist Teacher Mrs L. Caperon
Teacher (B3 & M4) Mrs V. Wheeler
Deputy SENDCO Mrs R. Ironside
Pastoral Leader Mrs H. Shirley
School Counsellor Mrs N. Lye



Teaching Assistant

Mrs R. Rook

Teaching Assistant

Mrs R. Hussain

Teaching Assistant

Mrs J. Probert

Teaching Assistant

Mrs S. Kalokoh

Teaching Assistant

Mrs J. Wardell

Teaching Assistant

Mr J. Gully

Teaching Assistant

Mrs M. Marwood

Teaching Assistant Mrs K. Law
Teaching Assistant Mrs R. Sherwood

Teaching Assistant

Mrs C. Murphy

Teaching Assistant Miss S. Neale
Teaching Assistant Mrs J. Little
Teaching Assistant Mrs N. Yasir

Senior Office Administrator

Miss A. Forster

Finance and HR Manager Miss A. Klos

Midday Supervisor

Miss R. Blackwell

Midday Supervisor Mrs C. Murphy

Midday Supervisor

Miss M. Dyer



Mr P. O'Leary



Details regarding the membership of our governing board are provided in the governance section of this website.



Happy half term everyone, wishing you all a happy and healthy week!