Spring Week 2

Another busy week of learning in B6!


In English, we continued to study 'Varmints' and, as events unfolded and the life of the main character changed, we wrote diary entries detailing his daily events. As 'The Others' appeared and destroyed the varmints home, we started to prepare persuasive speeches to convince the varmint to either accept the changes or to convince the Others to return the environment to the way it was.

Next week, we will write and deliver our persuasive speeches as part of a class debate.


In Maths, we spent the week studying 3D shapes and their nets. We learnt about their properties, identified shapes from a list of properties and built shapes from their nets. At the end of the week, we started to look at algebra and the order of operations.

Next week, we will continue to develop our understanding of algebra and the nth term.


In the afternoons, we continued our work in our foundation subjects. Science saw us creating branching diagrams for sweets. In Computing, we started to plan our own blogs and we will begin writing them next week. In R.E., we performed our songs or plays about key Christian and Buddhist stories. As part of our P.E. topic, we started to develop our badminton skills and next week we will look at developing different shots. In Geography, we continued to study the Americas and picked three areas of North America to study and compare to Bushey.


This week, we have launched Marvellous Me app and we hope that all parents will download the it so you can see when your children have been rewarded in school.