Spring Week 3

Another great week in B6!


In English, we have been writing persuasive speeches on varmints, our topic this term.  We have written speeches about whether the Other’s city should stay or return to the varmint’s natural home (the meadows). To do this, we had to apply our understanding that we have been developing over the week.  Today, we chose our favourite paragraph, so we could publish them.


AFOREST is the acronym we used to remember the features of persuasive writing.  




Rhetorical question

Emotive language


Triples (rule of three)


In Maths, we have continued to study order of operations (BIDMAS) and algebra.  We thought it would be our worst nightmare!  It turned out to be alright, we solved problems and written equations using bar models.

In the afternoons, we started off with computing, where we wrote blogs about our fancied topics; in PE we trained for our athletics tournament next week, where we did speed bounces, javelin throwing, standing long jump, sprinting with endurance races and chest push. In science, we completed our branching diagrams for different animals. In Geography, we compared different areas of the United States of America (Death Valley, The Everglades and the Caribbean) to Bushey. In Art, we have been completing our Pop Art words inspired by Andy Warhol.


Some of the class applied to become a Play Leader. Mr Ridgeway from Queens School came in to take us through a selection of activities, such as coming up with a simple game on the spot. He also advised us to: stand a close distance to the circle so you can see everyone; use as little amount of equipment as possible, be creative with ideas and finally, adapt to other children’s ideas. We had lots of fun and can’t wait for our second lesson!


Written by Ethan, Anna and Grace.