Term dates

Term Dates 2020-2021


Autumn Term 2020


Monday 7th September 2020 - Friday 18th December 2020

Half Term break: Monday 26th October 2020 – Friday 30th October 2020


Spring Term 2021


Tuesday 5th January 2021 - Friday 26th March 2021

Half Term break: Monday 15th February 2021 - Friday 19th February 2021


Summer Term 2021


Monday 12th April 2021 - Thursday 22nd July 2021

Half Term break: Monday 31st May 2021 – Friday 4th June 2021


INSET days (no children in school):


Wednesday 2nd September 2020,

Thursday 3rd September 2020,

Friday 4th September 2020,

Monday 4th January 2021 and

Friday 28th May 2021.


Occasional Day (no children in school): Friday 30th April 2021




Term Dates 2021-2022


Autumn Term 2021


Thursday 2nd September 2021 - Friday 17th December 2021

Half Term break: Monday 25th October 2021 – Friday 29th October 2021


Spring Term 2022

Wednesday 5th January 2022 - Friday 1st April 2022

Half Term break: Monday 14th February 2022 - Friday 18th February 2022


Summer Term 2022

Tuesday 19th April 2022 - Friday 22nd July 2022

Half Term break: Monday 30th May 2022 – Friday 3th June 2022



INSET days (no children in school):   

Wednesday 1st September 2021,

Monday 1st November 2021,

Monday 20th December 2021,

Monday 21st February 2022,

Monday 6th June 2022


Occasional Day (no children in school):

Tuesday 21st December 2021


Bank Holiday:

Monday 2nd May 2022



Request for Leave

Taken from Bushey Primary Education Federation's Attendance Policy:

Parents do not have the right to take their child out of school for a holiday or any other reason. If in exceptional circumstances parents apply to the Headteacher, in writing, at least 2 weeks in advance, the school may grant authorised absence. Requests for absences will be considered individually. When making the decision the Headteacher will consider the following factors:

  • the amount of time requested;
  • age of the child;
  • the child’s general absence/attendance record;
  • proximity to SATs and assessment periods;
  • child’s ability to catch up the work;
  • child’s educational needs;
  • general welfare of the child;
  • circumstances of the request / purpose of the leave;
  • frequency of the activity;
  • when the request was made.