Tree Faces

Tree Faces - bring the personality of a tree alive!  Well in fact, you could even bring alive a piece of your garden fence, wall or garden post, it doesn't have to be a tree!  We know that you may not have clay, so you may have to improvise with some play dough, plasticine, paper or card cut outs, you could even use old newspapers or magazines...get creative with your designs.  


NB: It says in the plan, attached below, to walk around the school grounds, we obviously need you to use your garden or outside space, in this instance, to complete this piece of work.


We really want to see what you create, so please remember to take lots of photos of each stage, but most importantly of your final masterpiece and share them with us on the class twitter pages:


M6 Class Bushey Manor

B6 Class Bushey Manor


Good luck!