Week 1 - 04/09/17 - 08/09/17

Welcome back! Hopefully everyone had a fantastic holiday, just like the amazing first week we have had! We’ve had giant inflatables, ice breakers, heraldic shields and much more! I don’t know how we fit it all in!


We started our week as a whole year group, learning about everyone’s summer holidays and the amazing hobbies they have. It was amazing to hear about all the fantastic places the children visited, the new foods they tried, and the new skills they learnt.


In English, we spent the week recounting the best day of our holiday. Parents will be pleased to hear this was very difficult for some children as they had so many ‘best’ days to choose from. We focused on trying to engage our reader through using interesting vocabulary and developing our sentence structure.


In Maths, we spent time exploring what we know and how we can use that to develop our understanding further. We started by looking at everyday objects (shaving foam, chopped tomatoes and biscuits to name a few) and thinking about their links with Maths. We discovered some fantastic links and we will be using this work to create one of our first class displays.


Tuesday was a particularly exciting day for the children as they met their new Associate Headteacher, Mrs Djora. She certainly gained the children’s attention with her exciting assembly! Children learnt about the importance of being prepared and organised as they watched their teachers chase each other around a giant inflatable ring! The children spent some time later that day with Mrs Djora and again on Friday playing games on the inflatable ring. Check out our pictures this week, to see just how giant the ring was!


Next week, our work will take on a Roald Dahl theme. Make sure you came back next week to hear all about it. There may even be a few surprises!