Week 1

Picture 1 Freeze frames showing Varjak Paw’s dilemma
Picture 2
Picture 3 Can you read our emotions from our body language?
Picture 4 Or our facial expressions?
Picture 5 Assembly practise underway!
Picture 6 We are excited to share it with you
Picture 7
Picture 8 We will see you on Thursday for the assembly.
Picture 9 Conscience Alley
Picture 10 Should Varjak stay or go?
Picture 11
This week we have started our work on the book “Varjak Paw” by SF Said. We have considered the story from different character perspectives and made predictions about the plot. In maths, we have started work on interpreting and presenting data and our assembly practise is underway. Next week, we are starting time in maths and continuing our topics in other lessons. See the curriculum wheel for further information. 
Welcome back, hope you had a great break!