Week 1 - 30/10/17 - 03/11/17

Welcome back! What a fantastic first week back!


To be or not to be? That is the question. The first week back had distinctly Shakespearean theme. We began with a workshop, run by the Young Shakespeare Company, to immerse ourselves in the play Hamlet. As well as playing the different characters, we had to create the sound effects and build the atmosphere. This was a brilliant way for the children to learn about Hamlet in an exciting way.


In Maths, we started to explore fractions using different resources to demonstrate our understanding. We looked at the relationship between fractions and thought about how we could prove our ideas about them were correct, using the resources.


Next week, we will look at comparing and ordering fractions.


Friday saw the arrival of our annual Harvest festival celebration. Each year group presented a piece of learning about the harvest. Year 6 chose to perform a Bollywood style dance, called Welcome to Harvest. The children listened to the music and lyrics and then choreographed their own dance to match. As well as choreographing the dance, the children also added their own musical performance using drums, claves and bells. The children worked incredibly hard all week and their performance in Friday’s assembly matched their effort. Well done!


We finished the week by attending the Young Shakespeare’s performance of Hamlet. This gave the children the chance to see how their workshop of Hamlet transferred to the stage. They were allowed to join in creating sound effects and adding parts that they had learnt in their workshop. The children conducted themselves perfectly and it was a pleasure to watch them engage with the performance!