Week 1 - 30th October

Our first week back after half term and it passed in the blink of an eye!


The children came into school raring to go and the week unfolded...


Maths saw us investigating fractions using a range of apparatus and how fractions can be equivalent, such as a 1/2 can also be shown  5/10 or 18/36. Can you see a pattern? 


English was short story writing based on a discovery. Following our work on Mary Anning, the great fossil hunter, the children used their research and imagination to create some stunning, imaginative and delightful stories. 


Friday saw year six at its best...Bollywood dancing to welcome everybody to our harvest festival. The children choreographed a dance, added additional musical instruments to enhance the performance and performed on the day brilliantly. Well done everyone.


Finally, Friday afternoon was theatre time. We set off in the coach and went to see the wonderful production of Shakespeare's Hamlet. It was outstanding! The children joined in all the parts that they had learned in their workshop and did so with great enthusiasm. They were a joy to be with and the talk of the performance on the way home was testament to a wonderful afternoon enjoyed by us all.