Week 1

Welcome back!

Six weeks have flown by and we are back and ready to learn!


This week in English, we have started to learn about fantastical beasts that have been 'spotted' by Mr Freeman and Mrs Jardella in the local area. So far, we have learnt about cocatrices, river trolls and boggarts. We wrote warning posters to protect people from the dangerous cocatrices, poems about the grotesque river trolls and diary entries about mischievous boggarts.


Next week, we will learn about changelings, leprechauns and sprites and be writing radio broadcasts, letters and explanation texts.


In Maths, we started to revise place value - looking at the value of digits and what place value columns represent.

Next week, we shall continue to develop our understanding of place value by ordering and comparing numbers, and regrouping numbers.


The afternoons were spent designing and making heraldic shields to represent each member of year 6. Having studied Prince William and Kate's shield, we thought about what best symbolised our interests, personalities and families.


Next week, we shall begin our D & T work on structures by planning and creating a fantastical beast.

Heraldic shields, Warning Posters and Diary Entries