Week 1

 A great first week back for B4 in which we had fun learning all about how digestion works and conducting an experiment to show the different processes.  Although there were a few reluctant participants at the beginning, by the  small intestine everyone was having fun learning how our digestive system works.


In English this half term we are looking at report writing, both non-chronological reports and newspaper reports. We took the opportunity to tie up our history learning by researching and presenting a specific part about the Romans and presenting it as a group to the whole Year Group.  We have have learnt how to write a non-chronological report and have written up this work too.  We will come back to this style of writing in a couple of works when we have had some of our geography lessons as it s a good way of showing our understanding.


In Maths, we have been working on correspondence problems (worded problems) using all 4 operations and have continued to use the Singaporean Bar Model to show our understanding.  This can be found on and I know that many of the class are keen to show you this at home.


In PE the class have been continuing to practise their netball skills and also took part in a class tournament for sports on Thursday.  Please keep your eyes peeled this week as I will be uploading a recommended book list for Year 4 as many parents said that this would be helpful.


Quite a lot of children have brought home The Firework Maker's Daughter which they would like to share with you as their reading book.  This will hopefully get our Super Reader score higher as I am determined that we will be the best one week! 

Learning about digestion