Week 1

Welcome back!  I hope you all had a wonderful half term.  This week we have been busy thinking about problem solving in maths and working backwards.  The children have enjoyed using a variety of methods, (including the bar method), to help them discover more.  Considering alternative points of view has been the focus of our writing this week and the children have worked hard to see a story through another persons eyes.  Please ask them about The Three Bears and Goldilocks!  In recognition of the 100 Year Anniversary of Armistice Day, we have read the book 'Where The Poppies Now Grow", a beautiful book that allows us to talk to the children about WW1 - which can often be incredibly difficult because of its brutality.  Please ask the children about Ben and Ray.  We will continue to work with 'The Christmas Truce' in our computing lessons and as we come to celebrate Christmas and make our class hoops.  The children loved thinking about both stories and the amazing message of friendship and peace.  Wishing you all a fabulous weekend!