Week 1

Settling back into school after Christmas is always difficult, but M6 have come into class with renewed positivity. A great start to 2019.


Maths has seen the children honing their knowledge of 2D shapes by comparing and classifying geometric shapes, based on their properties and sizes. Also, illustrating and naming parts of a circle and looking at the relationship of these. We continue with shape next week by looking at the properties of 3D shapes, and making them using nets. The second part of the week we begin to unpick algebra.


In English we have started our new book ‘Varmints’ by reading a few pages and then watching a short clip, of life as a varmint. Following this, a diary excerpt, (from the Varmints perspective) has been written and the next instalment will be written next week. We’ve only had a glimpse of the story as yet, but there is definite tension in the air…


Science: Classification of animals has the children intrigued, as they discover more about a wide range of animals and how they are categorised. This will then lead into plants, so if, as a parent, you are a keen gardener and have a spare plant or two, and are willing for us to care for them for a week, then please let your child bring it in.


See you all on Monday. Mrs J