Week 1

Welcome back to the Spring Term. Happy New Year!


Our first topic this term is 'We Will Rock You'. In English this week, we have started a new text linked to our topic; 'The Pebble in my Pocket'. It tells the story of how a pebble travels through history starting 480 million years age, and what happens to it on its journey. In the book, the pebble comes from a volcanic explosion. We explored the descriptive vocabulary and used it to create volcano pictures using oil pastels on black sugar paper.


We have written about the journey of a pebble as it travels on a journey along a river and have investigated how similes and metaphors can be used in poems.


On Monday, we had a Circle Time session with Mrs Shirley. We paired up and then each drew round our hand on a piece of paper. After that we each wrote our name on the thumb. We then had to discover more information about our partner by asking 4 questions. We wrote each answer on a finger. We were quite surprised by some of the things we found out about our friends frown.


In Maths this week we finished our 'Lines' unit by investigating parallel lines. We then investigated 2-d shapes by sorting and classifying them according to the length of their sides and the size of their internal angles. Shapes that have three or more straight sides, angles and vertices are called polygons. We found out that polygons that have all sides and angles of the same size are regular polygons and those that don't are irregular.