Week 1

This has been a very exciting week - Science week.

We began the week investigating the best environment to grow cress. We decided what the variable would be. This was 3 different areas in the classroom; by the window, near the radiator, in a cupboard. We decided on what would make it a fair test - the same containers lined with the same number of tissues and same amount of water. Then we waited to see what happened. After this, we made catapults using lolly sticks, elastic bands and bottle top lids. We investigated what the best design was to launch a pompom across the classroom!

We also mixed classes with Year 6 to carry out different investigations. When we visited Year 6 we made 'doggy doorbells', and in Year 4 we investigated the distance sound could be heard through a sugar paper megaphone!

Following these investigations we visited the park to investigate sounds using a decibel meter.  

We really enjoyed this investigation-filled week!