Week 1

This week, in Science week, we have been investigating a variety of different topics including sound, electricity, food chains and growing cress.  We have been focusing on using scientific language in our investigations and thinking about how to make tests fair and ensuring that we are always asking questions and looking for anomalies.


From next week, we are changing the timetable in the mornings to ensure that we are getting full coverage of the Maths curriculum.  We will be starting our Maths lessons at 9am and continuing until break time.  We will have Guided Reading in the afternoons straight after lunch.


Please can you ensure that your child is accessing Bug Club at home and answering the questions on the texts that they have been set.  It is an excellent resource that can really help your child develop their comprehension skills and every read that they do can also count towards their Super Reader reads (as long as they are reading out loud to you!)


I also regularly set work on Purple Mash to consolidate learning, particularly in Maths.  I can monitor who is doing the work and how well they are doing.  I can then use information  this to identify any extra input that the children need.  Thank you to those of you that are already doing this - it all helps towards the progress that your child is making.