Week 1 - 4th September

Our first week together and what a busy and fun one it was...


Starting our week with an ice breaker of recall and information, finding about our summer break and new hobbies had us all chatting and enjoying being together again. Followed by...


English - recounting their very best day of the holidays. Planning, sharing and writing was not only interesting but informative for us all. We laughed at each other’s antics and took pleasure from the fun had by all.


Maths was a taste of exploration and revision. The children had to work hard to think about Maths around us and were challenged by how they could prove or disprove this. Picking items from a lucky dip bag to explore any mathematical ideas, encouraged them to think outside the box and to explore the wide range of mathematical concepts.


We all met our new associate head teacher, Mrs Djora, for the first time - and were so excited to be presented with a huge blow up ring - nicknamed 'the doughnut' by our class. What fun we all had running on, bouncing on and balancing on this enormous ring - you had to see to believe it! Check out the photos!


We, as teachers, look forward to meeting up with all of our parents next week, to explore our year together in the support and nurturing of our children.



I am thinking of you. Mrs Jardella