Week 1

Welcome back! This week saw the return of our annual Science week. It has been a fantastic week full of different exciting and engaging experiments and investigations.

We have investigated: the optimum growing conditions for cress, the distance a catapult can throw a pom-pom and the decibels of various sounds in the park. We also designed and made 'Doggy Doorbells' or 'Doggy Alert-Lights'. This required us to create an electrical circuit including a buzzer or bulb that Rolo (our school dog) could use to tell us he needs to go outside.

On Tuesday afternoon, we spent the afternoon at Bushey Academy's Mega Lab. Their staff and sixth formers helped us to carry out a number of investigations and activities including igniting methane bubbles, turning pennies into 'gold' and trying to recreate the world's longest drinking straw. It was a fantastic afternoon and we are very grateful to the Academy staff and pupils for giving up their time.

Science Week