Week 1

Summer term has arrived! Hopefully everyone had an enjoyable Easter holiday.


In English this week, we have started a unit of work about Rainforests. We began by finding out what we already knew and then, later in the week, wrote Kennings (Old -English poems made up of a list of two-word sentence describing something) and Haiku (A traditional Japanese poem consisting of 3 lines of 5, 7 then 5 syllables). Next week we will begin using 'The Great Kapok tree' as a stimulus for our writing.


Our Maths this week has focused on developing our multiplication skills. We have been multiplying multiples of ten then moved on to multiplying 2-digit numbers by a single digit without regrouping. We have used Dienes to model our calculations, recorded them informally and with drawings as well as explaining the reasoning behind the process. This all helps us with the understanding of the method.


Our Design and Technology unit this term is Pneumatics.  This week, we investigated what happens when you attach different size syringes to plastic tubing. We really enjoyed this, especially the part where the syringe plungers popped out due to the air pressure! Next week we will start to create model designs using a pneumatic system.


Starting this week, we have two Game On P.E. sessions a week; one inside and one outside. We began with dance and cricket, which will carry on this half term.


In Music, we used body percussion to start creating a passing thunderstorm. Eventually, we are hoping to perform it with the whole of Year 3 together. It will sound wonderful!


In Science, we started a new unit on Plants. After sharing what we already knew about plants, we dissected tulips. We labelled the main parts of the plant and then researched information about the main job roles of each part.