Week 1

A great first week back after our Christmas break.  It was lovely to see the children and hear about what they had all been up to over a game of Back to School Bingo on Monday morning.  It was good to hear that it wasn't just Mrs Little, Mrs Yassir and I who had been eating lots of chocolate and relaxing on the sofa!


In our learning, we LOVED our visit from Kayleigh on Wednesday with her amazing array of animals.  It was brilliant to see the children linking what they had learnt in Science before Christmas in the abstract and applying it to real creatures.  They also learned loads of new fascinating facts and I was really impressed with how much they remembered when we talked about it later in the day.  I have attached some photos for you to have a look at and hopefully you all received a photo of your child via Marvellous Me on Wednesday.


In Maths we have been focusing on written methods for multiplication and the children all have at least 1 way of answering these questions now.  As with all things in life, children learn at different rates and if your child wants to practise at home, please let them show you the method that we have been doing in class with them.  It may well be different from the method that you know, but it is very important that we consolidate the learning before we move on.  Although we are moving on to a new topic next week, I will be working with a few of the children to teach them the next stage of multiplication next week.


In English we have finally finished our persuasive writing pieces.  We focused on persuading people to join the local leisure centre and the children have all demonstrated that they could all have futures in advertising if they want it!  A new topic next week (one of my favourites) where we return to a beautiful picture book.


We have 2 more swimming sessions before we finish and get back to a more normal timetable.


Thank you to those parents who continued to listen to children read over the holidays.  Our percentage was 61% .  I'm hoping for a return to the dizzy heights of 100% next week.