Week 1

Welcome back!


This week, we finished reading 'Orphans of the Tide' by Struan Murray. The book has kept us gripped for weeks, providing lots of amazing twists and turns, and leaving us with lots of unanswered questions! We are looking forward to reading the sequel, which is due out in March 2021. 


In preparation for writing our own diary entry from the perspective of Cameron - the main character in Pig Heart Boy, we spent time identifying the main features of diary entries. Next week, we will use our planning sheets to write our own diary entry, remembering to use our purple pens to edit as we go!


Our main aim in Maths sessions has been to use formal written methods to add, subtract and multiply. After completing a mini-assessment earlier in the week, we developed our understanding of the four operations through a series of problem solving activities. Next week, we are going to continue focusing on formal written methods for multiplication, and will then move on to look at division.


Formal Written Methods used in Year 6:

Addition and Subtraction - column method

Multiplication - long (expanded) and short multiplication

Division - long (expanded) and short division (sometimes referred to as the 'bus stop' method) 


In Science, we developed our understanding of blood and the circulatory system. We found it interesting to learn about the differences between arteries, veins and capillaries. Next week, we will be completing an experiment using jelly worms (or jelly babies depending on availability!)


Painting with Watercolours