Week 1 - W/E 10th January

Well didn't the Christmas holiday go quickly?! 

We have had a great, if a little chatty, first week back and settled back into our daily routines.


In English, we have started using a book called 'Pebble in my Pocket'. It tells the journey of what happens to a pebble as it journeys through the history of the Earth. We read a few pages and have collected vocabulary relating to rocks, pebbles, volcanoes and rivers. At present, we have just started exploring the effect of using similes and metaphors. We used descriptions from the book to create our own volcano pictures with oil pastels.

Next week, we will be writing river poems using the poem 'The River' by Valerie Bloom.

In Maths we started a unit of work linked to shape. We found out about polygons and then started finding the perimeters of squares and rectangles. We constructed shapes using paper strips and used them to work out the perimeter. We will continue this next week.

Polygon or not a polygon?