Week 1 - W/E 10th January

M3 have had a great first week back after the Christmas holiday and have settled back into their daily routines. 


     In Maths, we finished our work on 2-D shapes where we looked at regular and irregular polygons. We have started our learning on perimeter and we will be continuing with this next week. 


In English, we have started using a book called 'Pebble in my pocket'. It tells the journey of what happens to a pebble as it journeys through the history of the Earth. We read a few pages and have collected vocabulary relating to rocks, pebbles, volcanoes and rivers. We will be continuing to look at this book next week where we will begin to write our own non-chronological reports. 



In Science, we continued our work on forces. We were comparing how things move on different surfaces and investigating the effects of friction on these different surfaces using a toy car and a ramp. We used lots of our scientific skills such as predicting, measuring and recording our results.