Week 1 - W/E 28th February 2020

M3 has had a fantastic and exciting first week back after half term. This week we have been celebrating Science Week, a week dedicated to becoming real-life scientists. To kick off Science Week, each year group throughout the school focused on one of the 5 senses. Year 3 explored the sense of taste! We discussed and learned all about how taste works and then got to put our taste buds to the test. We took part in a blindfolded taste test, where we explored 3 different foods and had to use taste to decide which ones were which. 



Alongside investigating taste, we also finished our learning on rocks. We explored what the 3 main types of rock are and the features of them. Can you remember them? We then learned what permeability meant and put the rocks to the test. We learned that some rocks such as sandstone and limestone allow water to pass through them (permeable), whereas other rocks such as slate do not let water pass through them (impermeable). We finished our learning on rocks by getting to hold and explore some real-life fossils.  




In English, we have started looking at fables. We have started reading War and Peas and have begun to describe the two main characters, using interesting and funny vocabulary. We will be continuing this next week. 


In Maths, we have been learning all about fractions. We have been able to tell the difference between unit and non-unit fractions and have been finding fractions of amounts. To put all of our learning to the test, we created our very own fraction museums and then got to walk around other groups museums to see all of their hard work. 


Achievers this week
Golden Book - Ellis for coming back with a fantastic attitude to his learning after half term. 
Mathematician- Peter for undertaking several fraction challenges this week. 
Writer- Ananya for writing a very descriptive and funny diary entry on a character from War and Peas.