Week 1 - wk. beg. 8th Jan 2018

Next week (week beginning 8th Jan).

In English we will be exploring chapter 2 and 3 of Skellig, looking explicitly at the use of figurative language and expanded noun phrases.  The children will look in detail at how the garage is described and how David Almomd makes them feel about the garage.  They will begin to explore the language he uses, so they can then imagine what they would see, feel, hear and smell if they were to go inside the garage themselves. This will then allow them to complete an overwrite and eventually their own rewrite of the paragraph - using figurative language and expanded noun phrases to help them provide the necessary detail.


In maths we will be exploring formal written methods of division, such as the short written method.  The children will use concrete resources such as counters to support them in their work as well as pictorial representations.  All work will be differentiated to support, stretch and challenge the students.


In Science we will begin to explore life cycles, I am very excited about the investigations and experiments we will be conducting.


In PE we will be starting Badminton!  I am looking forward to working with the children on the rules, how to serve, return a shot and eventually have rallies!  I am certain there will be some budding young players who will be determined to beat me!  I am up for the challenge!


In Art we will begin to look at wings and their structure.