Week 10: 11 November 19

Worms and spots!?  So, in Science we have been using jelly worms to begin understanding how our bodies use osmosis.  Please ask your children to tell you what happened to the jelly worms, which were placed in 100ml of water overnight and get them to tell you how this is related to osmosis (which we will continue discussing next week).  This work is all part of learning about our circulatory system, which allowed the children to discover what an amazing muscle our hearts really are.  Please quiz them about their knowledge of the heart and blood.

The children showed off their maths skill throughout the week and all have been problem solving using our amazing long division techniques.  I am very proud of the progress they have all made this week.

Xenotransplantation continues to be the hot debating topic this week and the children's research and team work was exemplary, as were their debating skills.  I very much look forward to reading their final balanced argument on this controversial issue.

I am sure you are all wondering about spots...well this morning their seemed to be an outbreak of them!  Thankfully, Pudsey and Children In Need were responsible for this, so Mrs Hussain and I resisted the urge to put them all in quarantine and declare a medical emergency!  Any further donations will still be greatly received on Monday. 

Have a fabulous weekend!!