Week 10 - W/E 15th November

Monday was Remembrance Day. At 10.45 a.m. we met in the hall to remember all the victims of wars around the world. Mr Woodhouse led the assembly, assisted by some Year 6 pupils who read a poem.

This week, in English, we started a new unit of work using the text 'Stone Age Boy'. We used the pictures and sound effects to inspire us to describe a cave and also to write a diary entry about the boy visiting a Stone Age village. We are trying really hard to improve our vocabulary and punctuation. 

Next week we will continue to use the story as a stimulus for our writing.


In Maths. we began our work on formal methods for written addition using the column method. We began by add numbers that did not need regrouping and exchanging and then moved on to adding numbers that did. We all got more and more confident with this method as the week progressed. We finished the week by starting work on formal methods for subtraction and will continue this next week.


This week, we came to the end of our Art topic on developing our drawing and pencil skills. After our colour-mixing session last week, we spent a session creating tints and tones of either a primary or secondary colour.

We then used all our skills to create a 'Shades of Winter' painting. All of our paintings will be put together to make one large abstract design.

On Friday, it was Children in Need. It was wonderful to see a whole range of spotty, dotty accessories as well as CIN clothing. Mrs Lowden wore a Pudsey onesie all day and spent a lot of time complaining about how hot she was!