Week 10 - W/E 17th November

This week we started our ‘We Will Rock You’ topic.


A lot of the work for this will be written on paper and stuck into a project scrapbook. It will give us the chance to present our work in a variety of ways and show our creativity. We will learn how to mount our own work and how to present it in different ways. We have also been asked to keep an eye out for any pictures, paper and ideas that link to the themes being studied and bring them into school. We can use them to decorate our work. Some of the themes we will be covering include rocks and pebbles, volcanoes, rivers, dinosaurs and prehistoric and stone age life.


We have already been working on writing linked to pebbles; the structure of the Earth; how a volcano is formed and where volcanoes can be found around the world.


In Maths we have been developing our mental maths skills through revising and investigating how numbers can be regrouped and reordered. These methods, along with compensating, finding complements and commutativity, can all be used to make addition calculations easier (see ‘Useful Information and Resources – Maths’ for more information).


On Friday, lots of spots were spotted!! In support of Children in Need, we wore spots to school and donated £1 to this wonderful cause. There were some excellent spotty items of clothing as well as clever uses of sticky dots J!