Week 10 - wk.beg. 19th March 2018

We have been writing like authors this week, as we try to rewrite a chapter from Skellig's point of view.  The children have enjoyed a bit of hot seating to help them plan their work and, of course, to get into character.  I am really excited about reading their published pieces of work!  Maths has been about unfolding 3D shapes and investigating which 'net' would produce a cube.  The children have really challenged themselves to think outside the box.  We have not been able to leave science week behind us, so we have been concluding and summarising the work we started last week and look forward to continuing our love of science.  The children are going to write a speech about Stephen Hawkings, and have enjoyed researching him.  To enable the children to understand the power of speech, we have been studying Martin Luther King's speech - "I Have a Dream".  I am looking forward to hearing their speeches!