Week 11 - 22/11/19

Thank you to everyone who attended our class assembly today! We have really enjoyed learning about Nelson Mandela and the apartheid and hope that this came across in the delivery of the assembly. 


In English this week, we spent time reading, performing and analysing cinquain poems. We discussed the structure of each poem and realised that the number of syllables on each line was an important feature of this style of poetry. Towards the end of the week, we wrote our own cinquain poems about Nelson Mandela and his time in prison during the apartheid. Next week we move on to rap poetry!


In Maths, we developed our understanding of written methods for multiplication. Throughout the week, we solved calculations using the grid method, vertical method (long multiplication) and short multiplication. We considered the efficiency of each method and made links between the methods. Next week, we will be consolidating our understanding and apply this knowledge to problem solving tasks...including a murder mystery!