Week: 11 November 22 19

This week in English we have been learning about different types of poetry. One of our focus this week has been about the children creating their own versions of cinquain poetry using a range of syllables. Children counted the number of syllables in each phrase and note them in brackets.  They try to create some with 2, some 4/ 6 and 8 syllables. Two, three or even four phrases could be put together to create longer lines of sentences for the poem if necessary. 


In Math, children have been learning how to multiply 2 digits by a 2 digit number. Some children have progressed to multiplying 3 digits by a 2 digit number. Next  week for homework as well as spelling, Math multiplications will be sent out for students to make further progress. This work will be sent home in children's homework books or can be found on the website for B5, home learning activities week 11 


Next week will be our final week for swimming, the children have made such good progress and have thoroughly enjoyed their lessons.

Well done B5, keep up the good work!