Week 12 - 29/11/19

Hey, everybody, let’s write a rap.

First there’s a rhythm you’ll need to clap.

Keep that rhythm and stay in time,

‘cause a rap needs rhythm and a good strong rhyme.


This week, we have been learning about rap poems! We started the week, reading and analysing 'The Michael Rosen Rap', which as the name suggests, is a rap poem about Michael Rosen! After watching Michael Rosen perform the poem, we too wanted to have a go! We worked in small groups and rapped our way through the poem! (I will try and upload M5 performing the poem into our 'Week in Pictures' section.)


When I was one, I swam the English Channel
When I was two, I ate a soapy flannel
When I was three, I started getting thinner
When I was four, I ate the dog's dinner
When I was five, I was in a band playing drums
When I was six, I ate a bag of plums

When I was seven, I robbed a bank with my sister
When I was eight, I became prime minister
When I was nine, I closed all the schools
When I was ten, they made me king of the fools


We found this verse of the poem particularly amusing and wrote our own versions about ourselves! 


Our favourite lesson(s) this week in Maths had to be The Murder Mystery! We applied our knowledge of multiplciation written methods to solve clues and crack a code - who would have thought that Mr Jones would have killed someone with smelly socks in the bathroom!


In Geography, we have begun a new topic about Marvellous Maps! This unit involves us exploring different types of maps (and their features), learning how to use an atlas (effectively) and use and give coordinates.