Week 12 - W/E 1st December

Christmas has arrived at Bushey Manor!!
As well as continuing with our topic 'We Will Rock You!', we also spent time this week making decorations to be hung on our Christmas hoops. This is an annual tradition at Bushey Manor and the hoops are displayed in the school's dining hall for all to see. It gives the children great pride to see their own creations hanging in view of the whole school. 
This half term, all of our topic work has centered around the book 'The Pebble in my Pocket' by Meredith Hooper. The book follows the trail of a single pebble over millions of years, from its formation in a fiery volcano to its movement through primeval forests, the dinosaur era, and the ice ages. This week, we discussed the part the water cycle plays in transporting the pebble around the world. We identified the main parts of the water cycle, discussed the differences between different bodies of water and shared facts we already knew about rivers. In P.E., we worked in small groups to create and perform dance sequences that represented the journey of a pebble along a river. Next week, we will  be learning about the structure and formation of a river. 
In Maths, we continued to explore mental methods for subtraction. We spent time using manipulatives, such as Dienes, number lines and tens frames, to help us explain how we solved the calculations.


There was also great excitement in B3 on Friday, caused by the arrival of an 'Elf on the Shelf'. He was very well-behaved during the day; let's hope this continues. Check our Elf on the Shelf Photo Diary to see what he gets up to!!