Week 12 - W/E 29th November

In English this week, we have started planning and writing our own adventure stories using Stone Age Boy as a model. We completed the planning sheet and have written our opening and build-up. Next week we will complete them and then start a unit of free-verse poetry.

Our Maths this week saw us investigating and interpreting bar charts. We looked at how they are presented  and how to interpret the information they contain. At the end of the week, we looked at data about aliens and used it to create an Alien Passport for our own alien. Then, using the data from them, we drew our own bar charts. There was lots to remember but we did really well.

Next week, we are starting a unit of work on Angles.

On Thursday, B3 had their 'Open Classroom'. It was wonderful to see so many parents!

Although rather squashed, the children coped well and carried out an activity where they were required to sort a set of vocabulary cards into which number operation they were. Quite a few of the children, and some parents, found out that the word 'sum' is the answer to an addition problem and not a word to describe any calculation. The children then used this knowledge to solve some worded problems. We finished the session using a counting stick to practise the 6 times table, gradually taking the numbers off until it was empty. The children were fantastic and were able to recite the 6 times table without any of the answers. House points all round!

B3 Open Classroom

Christmas is coming! On Thursday afternoon, we made paper chains.