Week 13 - 06/12/19

This week in English, we have been studying the Christmas Truce. The Christmas Truce was a series of widespread unofficial ceasefires along the Western Front of World War I around Christmas 1914. We began the week exploring a variety of sources from this historic event, including letters and diary entries written by soldiers on the Western Front. After watching the Sainsbury's advert (2014), which was a recreation of the Christmas Truce , we enjoyed creating freeze-frames to represent the key moments from the truce. We  concluded the week, identifying features of a letter in preparation for writing our own letters next week.


In Maths, we continued to develop our understanding of written methods for division. We completed calculations using the short division method and then learnt how to express quotients as fractions and decimals. Next week, we will be beginning our final unit for this term - Fractions.


Don't forget - next week is the Elf Run! It is taking place on Wednesday afternoon and all spectators are more than welcome! Also, Friday is our annual Secrets' Room - loose change (50ps and £1s) are more useful than bank notes!