Week 13: 9 December 19

As the penultimate week of the term draws to a close, M6 head off home exhausted, but enthused by their experiences this week. We have had the Elf Run, Secrets Room and Christmas Carol Practice and the showstopper... heart dissection at Bushey Academy! On Wednesday morning, all of Year 6 headed up to the nearby secondary school. We were taken to the big lab and greeted by the technicians. After a brief demonstration, the children were allowed to dissect their sheep’s heart and try to identify the main components, using scalpels, scissors and other scientific equipment. Despite it being completely out of their comfort zone, the children we fabulous and engaged throughout (even those who found it a bit too gory managed to join in a heart quiz!)

As the pictures show, all children participated in the sponsored Elf Run, with some children even managing several more laps of the playground than they were asked to do. Lots of money was raised and fun was had by all. 

The Secrets Room ended this week off, and we hope parents are looking forward to all of the wonderful gifts that the children have bought their families! The countdown to Christmas begins...!