Week 14 - W/E 13th December

In this penultimate week of the term, we have been really busy! 


In English, we have been working on a Free Verse poetry unit. We read and compared two poems; 'Words are Ours' by Michael Rosen and 'The Magic Box' by Kit Wright. We practised and performed our favourite verse from 'The Magic Box' before using it as a model for our own poems. We generated vocabulary about Winter and then used it to write a poem titled 'My Winter Box'.

Next week, we will publish them by editing then copying them up onto winter themed paper. Watch this space to see some of them!

In Maths, we have been finding out about perpendicular and parallel lines. We completed a variety of activities and then finished the week with a couple of end of term assessments. We had to apply all the skills that we have been learning this term.

Next week, we will be working on a selection of Christmas related activities.

We started our first Science topic this week. We have begun finding out about pushes and pulls linked to 'Forces and Magnets'. We will do a little more next week and then continue after the school holiday.
On Friday, children had the opportunity to go to the Secrets Room so that they could buy presents for their family and friends. The children had a fabulous time choosing the gifts they thought you would like and getting them wrapped and labelled. You should all be very excited!

A few pictures. No more as I don't want to give anything away!!