Week 15 - W/E 21st December

Can you believe we've had a whole term of this academic year already?!!


This final week has been extremely busy with a whole range of learning and festive activities taking place.


Monday saw the whole school heading off to Watford Palace Theatre to watch 'Jack and the Beanstalk'. We spent an entertaining couple of hours watching the show as well as getting some exercise walking to and from the theatre.


On Tuesday, we started our Christmas cards and worked on some maths-themed Christmas activities including some fabulous drawings and doodles!


Excitement was high on Wednesday as it was Christmas lunch day! In the morning, we drafted poems modelled on 'The Magic Box' by Kit Wright. Our poems were on the theme of Winter and we had to decide what we would put into a Winter box. This work gave us the opportunity to use a variety of poetic features including expanded noun phrases, descriptive vocabulary, alliteration and personification. Mrs Lowden chose one line from each of our poems to combine into a class poem.


Thursday was taken up with two Carol Services. We walked to the church, listened to the readings and sang the songs. Year 3 pupils took a variety of roles in the Nativity tableaux.


The last day of term was Friday; the end of a very long term. Everyone is definitely ready for a break. We spent the morning finishing off our cards and Christmas activities. We also each chose our favourite verse from our Winter Box poems to copy up into neat. These will be going on display after Christmas.

After lunch we had an end of term Celebration Assembly where we shared pupil achievements from the last two weeks. The highlight was two Year 6 children, whose names were picked from all those who has been Super Readers every week of the Autumn Term, winning a Kindle each. Wow! What a great prize!