Week 2 - 06/11/17 - 10/11/17

What another fantastic week we’ve had in Year 6. The children embraced our new topic of Explorers with real enthusiasm and are producing some fantastic learning.


We started the week by studying an illustration. We thought about what we could see in it and what the illustration could tell us about our new topic. Having seen killer whales, huskies, boats and people, the children inferred that our new topic was to do with Artic or Antarctic exploration. The children made their own versions of the illustration, thinking about how they could use templates to create reoccurring patterns. After making their illustrations, the children wrote a recount about a memorable journey they had been on, giving them another clue to our topic. We finished the week, by starting to learn about Ernst Shackleton. Lots of our work over the next few weeks will be based on the book Shackleton’s Journey. Of all the things we learnt about Shackleton, we found the fact he didn’t like his teachers but enjoyed learning and reading poetry very interesting.


Next week, we will continue to look at Shackleton’s journey, thinking about his crew and what kind of people they were.


In Maths, we continued our work on fractions. We looked at using factors and factor bugs to help us simplify fractions to their lowest form and using common multiples to change fractions denominators. We finished the week comparing and ordering fractions.


Next week, we will continue to develop our understanding of fractions by adding and subtraction them.


On Friday, we held our Remembrance Day assembly. As a class we created a wreath of poppies, made from our hand prints, to be part of our school Remembrance display. Please look out our pictures section to see the work from across the school.