Week 2 - 11/09/17 - 15/09/17

Tahw rehtona nuf dellif keew ev’ew dah! For those of you who can’t speak tortoise that translates to - what another fun filled week we’ve had! Our first themed week, Road Dahl Week, has been an action packed one! We’ve had role play, tortoise related Maths, Papier Mache and an animal visitor!


The week kicked off with the teachers sharing extracts from their favourite Roald Dahl books in assembly. With a veritable buzz in the air, it was back to the classroom to discuss our favourite Roald Dahl books, our favourite characters and who we would want to be our teacher for the day. We used our ideas to create posters to teach people about Roald Dahl and his wonderful books.


Each year group had selected a book to base their week’s learning on. Year 6’s was Esio Trot, a tale about Mr Hoppy, Mrs Silver and her tortoise Alfie.


In English our focus was writing dialogue. We began by discuss what was meant by dialogue and what makes effective dialogue. Having used the book as a stimulus, we then used extracts from the film to help us add detail and gain more of an understanding of the characters. As the week progressed, we used role play to help us develop characterisation and build adverbials into our conversations.


Our Maths this week took on a tortoise theme. We thought about all the Maths that could be related to a tortoise (a surprisingly large amount!) and discussed our understanding of these areas. From there, we went onto code breaking and writing our own codes. In the book, Mr Hoppy gives Mrs Silver a secret chant, which is written backwards, to help Alfie grow bigger. We had great fun writing our own coded messages and deciphering others. The week finished with a Maths lesson related to the ‘Tortoise and the Hare’. We looked at problems involving time and how we could use what we know to solve them. We then wrote our own problems for our peers to solve.


In the afternoons, we turned our attention to designing and making our own papier mache tortoises. We started by making the paste, using ‘Mrs Jardella’s family recipe’ (3 parts water, 2 parts flour and 10ml of salt). With most of the paste still in the bowls, and not on our classroom floor(!), we blew up our balloons and began to apply newspaper and paste. Next week, we will now turn our attention to decorating our shells.


We finished the week with a new arrival in Year 6, George, the tortoise! Thank you to Miss Gregory for providing him. George met his new classmates on Thursday afternoon and spent time as a life model, which allowed the children to practise their observational drawing skills. George will be our stimulus for writing next week as we write leaflets on how to care for a tortoise.