Week 2 - 11th September

Roald Dahl Week


The week started off with an assembly detailing the life and works of this famous children’s author. Every child in the hall had read at least one of his books and lots of our children had read many. Staff read extracts from their favourite stories and the children sat enthralled. M6 followed the assembly by creating a mini biography about Roald Dahl, and the children, through research, discovered many interesting and unusual facts.


We continued with our book Esio Trot written by Roald Dahl and illustrated by Quentin Blake and explored the story and characters through Maths, English and art.


Maths saw us using ratio to make paper mache paste for our tortoise shells, patterns to create shell designs along with comparison of size, distance and speed. We also explored code breaking and problem solving.


The main characters in the story are Mrs Silver and Mr Hoppy. They are essentially opposites as characters, which causes great hilarity in reading the story and by watching clips of the film. We then began to role play them talking and then finally wrote a dialogue between the two of them. We finished the session by adding how the characters behaved around each other drawing on the differences between their personalities.


Art and DT has been a major focus this week with the children creating their own tortoise. The shell is made of paper mache and body parts made using paper in different ways. Having made their own paste, the children have been busy every day adding layer upon layer to create the tortoise shell. Next week, will see the children decorate their shells reflecting their own interests and passions.


On Thursday we had a special visitor in to see us, a real, live tortoise called George. The children were ecstatic and were thrilled when he paraded around whilst they drew him. We have to say a huge thankyou to his proud owner, Miss Duffy, who kindly let George visit us for two days.


Wednesday saw staff members come to school dressed as characters from the Roald Dahl books – all in the best possible taste! (well most were!)


Do ask your children about the week and see just what they enjoyed the most – feedback is always welcome from parents to the Year 6 team.


Many thanks to those parents that were able to attend the ‘meet the teacher’ session it was lovely to share with you and put faces to names.