Week 2

Seeing triple?
Amazing costumes
Where's Wally?
Inspired by our favourite book characters
World Book Day in full flow
Wimpy Kid x2
Decimals experts!
Ordering decimals with Range Arranger
Place value ladder
Which decimal shall we make? Where will it go?
After enjoying a snow day on Friday, we will be looking forward to another jam-packed week next week. We will continue our work on decimals, exploring how to round to the nearest whole number, how to convert decimals into fractions and how to multiply by 10 or 100. In English, we will be practising using speech accurately and including clues for the reader to infer feelings from. In Geography, we will continue to work on understanding the purpose of lines of latitude and longitude, on improving our map skills and applying these to discover the features of the countries in the United Kingdom. In Science, we will begin our unit of work on Electricity that will be one of our highlights in our upcoming Science Week!